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Workshops & Events

In 2024 we will be running and hosting a few different workshops and events across Behaviour, Scent Work, Agility & other training areas. 

In the first of the hosted series, we welcome the wonderful Peta Clarke for a scent work Workshop & Mock Trial, hosted across 2 separate days in February. All the details in the links below.

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Scent Work Workshop for Excellent & Masters Handlers

with Peta Clarke

Sunday 18th February, 2024

Somersby (Central Coast, NSW)

Scentwork with Peta Clarke.png

ANKC Excellent & Masters Mock Trial with Peta Clarke

Sunday 25th February

Somersby (Central Coast, NSW) 

In this workshop, teams will work through skills and application of searches at the Excellent & Masters level.


In particular, this workshop will focus on the way we approach our scent work training in a  slightly different way.


We will focus on these areas specifically:


  • Handling style - what does the way you handle in scent work tell your dog?

  • Communication system - are you and your dog on the same page here? What does your dog actually understand your different cues mean?

  • Good teamwork - and scent work is a team sport - starts with clear, trustworthy communication.

  • Emotional association to the game - As we move up in class levels, the layers of complexity we need to expose our dog to is virtually endless and often synchronous. This can very easily lead you to exposing your dog to multiple criteria increases at the same time, which is a sure fire recipe to reduce their confidence and love of the game.


Let's support each other to build search skills slowly to ensure our dogs' motivation and love of this wonderful sport.


When: Sunday 18th February 2024 - starting at 8am

Where: Somersby Public School (Near the Central Coast NSW)

Maximum 10 working spots.

Auditors welcome.

Excellent & Masters level ANKC Scentwork Mock Trial with Peta Clarke


In this unique Mock Trial / workshop, teams will attend a Mock Trial,  with Peta Clarke giving analysis & feedback specific to each element.


This Mock Trial will offer all 4 elements of Containers, Interiors, Exteriors & Vehicles.


The day is designed to give ANKC Scent Work Competitors at Excellent & Masters level the opportunity to train in a trial simulation environment.


We also welcome those trialling at Novice & Advanced levels to audit and/or help on the day in order to observe and learn.


When: Sunday 25th February 2024 - starting at 8am

Where: Somersby Public School (Near the Central Coast NSW)


Due to the Summer weather, we will keep a slightly open approach to the timing of the sessions in the day.

There is space to set up gazebos in the shade & manage dogs to keep them cool - rather than in vehicles.


Maximum 12 entrants per element.

Auditors welcome & will also have the opportunity to help with the mock-trial, helping to set up & understand a judge's process in setting hides.

If you would like to help run this mock trial, you can audit at a discounted price.

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