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Online Training Academy

DogFit Agility Nationals Preparation Program & the Road to the Nationals Program are now open for registration!

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Road to the Nationals 

Registration Closes Sunday 7th April


A targeted Agility Fitness program for dogs aiming to compete at the Dogs Australia National Agility Championships 2024 (NSW).


Make this year the one your dog runs with peak fitness.

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Online Agility Training

Closed - Stay tuned for DogFit Agility online training news!


Last week to 
sign up!

Join us as we get ready to have our best year for Agility in a long time. 

Having a great Agility Competition year starts with fitness & this year is one to give your dog the gift of conditioning.

The program includes 12 weeks of Agility specific conditioning Work-Ups that build and support your dog's performance, right up to the 2024 Agility Nationals (being held in Sydney, NSW in July this year).


No matter if you're just starting to get your dog ready, or you're well on your path, this program will follow our preparation for the competition in July.

Program includes:

6 Work Up sessions (again with recorded conditioning sessions) that cover:

- Strength

- Balance

- Flexibility

- Cardio & Sprint

- Agility specific movement through plyometric exercises

- stretching, rest and recovery


Don't worry about perfection - this course is designed to help you attain your own dog's goals, and guide you through the specific issues you may have with your dog's fitness. Coaching is designed to enable you to get the most out of the program for your own dog.


In addition to the above content, you will have access to:

1. Goal planning - how to & support materials

2. Problem solving solutions & resources

3. Competition program planning -  how to & support materials


The program allows you to ask questions and have them answered in the program, and these are shared with the broader group in order to help everyone who is participating.


Dates that we start:


The Road to the Nationals program starts from 8th April, 2024 for 12 weeks, leading into the Nationals in mid-July.


The Road to Nationals program consists of 6 Work Up sessions that lead you into competition.


The program is all available online in the DogFit Conditioning & Performance Academy, where you can access the content as the program rolls out. 

You will have access to the programs through to the end of July, 2024.

Road to Nationals (12 week program with access for 15 months) is $200.00


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