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Hydrotherapy | Rehabilitation | Conditioning | Behaviour

DogFit is a Local Business Awards 2023 finalist in the Outstanding Pet Care Category!
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Canine Hydrotherapy, Conditioning, Nutrition & more

Helping dogs live their best healthy and fit lives is our passion. Whether pet dogs or sporting dogs, living a long, healthy life is as big a priority for us as it is for you. DogFit helps dogs from all walks of life by providing a range of services from rehabilitation therapies, recovery or preventative fitness and conditioning training, nutrition and behaviour.

Frankie Aston is a fully accredited and registered therapist with the Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association (ACRA). DogFit Conditioning & Performance is fully insured as a Health Professional with Insurance House.

About us

Founded in a passion for helping all dogs live their best active lives, whether they're a pet dog or a sports dog. Providing leading class hydro and laser therapy, body conditioning, fitness training, and nutritional support for dogs from all walks of life is our priority.

DogFit Therapists are highly trained and skilled practitioners with a passion for helping dogs live active and healthy lives.

Canine Health Services
  • Hydrotherapy - Underwater treadmill - rehab & fitness

  • Remedial massage

  • Laser & PEMF treatment

  • Canine Conditioning & Sports specific Fitness

  • Nutrition

  • Behaviour

  • Classes - live & online

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All Therapy, Conditioning & Behaviour Clients start with an initial assessment so that we can guarantee the best plan for your dog. As a fully Accredited and Insured Canine Hydrotherapist, we ask that you send through any details from your vet that would be helpful to the program for your dog. 


Why Hydrotherapy?

Hydroptherapy for dogs is applied for rehabilitation from injury and accident, surgery, and is also used to build and maintain fitness for dogs who are active or competing in sports.


There are several properties of water that contribute to the many benefits to be had by the canine patient.


The buoyant force supports the dog’s weight reducing weight bearing


Movement in water is much slower on land- meaning if dogs have poor balance, they can be well supported in the water and even work on improving balance.

This viscosity also causes resistance which is very beneficial for strengthening as the dog’s limbs push through the resistance of the water

The warmth of the water (32 degrees) helps the muscles to relax, so comfort increases, joints loosen and movement is overall much easier than on land


We treat all kinds of dogs

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Post Surgery

Hydrotherapy, laser and PEMF therapy are proven to help healing time. Outstanding rehabilitation services for your dog from post op to recovery. 

Injury recovery

Injury can come from everyday life or sports. DogFit's tailored programs for recovery and prevention are proven to bring your dog back to full fitness.

Sporting Dogs

It's essential that sports dogs have tailored programs that target the correct muscle groups and movement for peak performance. DogFit's programs are proven to help the canine athlete compete at their best fitness potential.

All life stages

No matter what age your dog is, there is a DogFit program that suits you. From Puppy Team Foundations to Senior conditioning & therapy, our passion is improving every dog's life.

Caring support

Making every dog's life improved through leading class therapy and health services is our passion. Supporting your rehabilitation journey from taking your dog home to full recovery is our priority. Be it post surgery or injury recovery, conditioning or behaviour, the DogFit Conditioning & Performance team truly cares about what happens next. Contact us to find out how we can help you today.


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