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Behaviour and Training

Whether training your new puppy, teenage dog or needing behavioural support, we have a range of services to help you. From Private 1:1 training courses and sessions to small group classes. 

At DogFit we use Fear Free and Science Based Training methods that set you and your dog up for success from the start. We tackle issues of anxiety, over-excited reactions, skills training from sit, drop, stay to loose lead walking, barking management and doggie manners. All of this in a positive environment with world leading dog training methods.

Frankie Aston is fully Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Cert 4) and holds a certification in Behaviour with Behaviour Works. With over 10 years training experience, Frankie is able to get the best results for you and your dog.


Private training in a safe and supported indoor facility. Positive training methods that get great results.

Book a consult today.

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Weekly and short course Classes are available across the year. Small class sizes in a great indoor facility. See classes currently available here.


Sniff-Fit is DogFit's answer to scentworks training. Using leading training methods to build your dog's ability to hunt for scents. Get started & have fun today.

DogFit Best Start Puppies

Whether you have a teenage pup or have a young dog, this class may suit you.

The class is designed to build focus, calm, responsive, and thinking skills for your dog. 

DogFit Team Foundations

Whether you're looking to do a dog sport, or just want to have a great connection with your dog, this class delivers skills for life.

We cover Focus, Body awareness, Confidence, Heeling, Clear communication, Stay, Recall and much more.

DogFit Calm & Polite

Calm & Polite Course is a 5 session course that helps you and your dog with important behaviour issues you may be facing.

Sniff-Fit Beginners

This is a great way to introduce the behaviour of searching for scents for your dog. It's focused on all dogs, and we train with food to begin with. All dogs learn amazing things when we engage them through their most powerful sensory organ - the nose!  


In this class we will learn how to teach our dogs key concepts that turn into multiple tricks! 


From the very basics to some more complex ideas, they will learn Roll Over, Hold in mouth, Pick up, Tidy up, Roll a ball, push a door/drawer and much more.

Sniff-Fit Intro to Odour

This class will teach how to introduce novel odour to our dogs, for the purpose of finding odour.

Final Classes 2023

Sniff-Fit Continuing Odour

This class will be a continuation of Birch Odour, and introduce Anise.

Class will progress to using 2 to 4 odours - Birch & Anise predominantly + Clove & Cypress.

Agility for Beginners

5 Sessions to Continue your Agility training with your dog & get ready to do sequences.

Tunnels and Jumps, introduction to Tyre, Broad & Spread jumps

Sniff-Fit Advanced Concepts

This class will be give handlers and their dogs the opportunity to expand their searching skills through various exercises and higher concept training applications.

Class will use all 4 ANKC odours - Birch, Anise, Clove & Cypress

Agility Pre-Novice/Novice

Over 5sessions improve your agility training skills for Novice competition through skills & sequencing.

Agility Foundations

Over 5 sessions you will learn the basics of Agility for those who want to go on to do competition. Handling and dog skills are included in these sessions.

Agility - Advanced

For triallers wishing to hone their skills. By direct application only.

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